Data Science As A Service

Data Science As A Service

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS), can engage your business by driving data analytics program to improve productivity. Olilo is your one-stop solution to build business intelligence dashboards, data mining, predictive modeling, or prescriptive analytics.

Data Analytics is the slogan for businesses of all sizes. However, the technology is still quite niche. Give your organization the authority over others with various benefits of Data Science. Our Data Science consulting service leverage the power of progressive analytics to provide the most out of your customer data and improve retention. We help our clients unravel complex data challenges, forecast total market and service demands to improve customer satisfaction. Olilo works to discover business value for its clients through cutting-edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies and solutions.

Strategy and Consulting

Olilo helps organizations move from little to no analytics to highly impactful data and analytics cultures, ensuing in better decision-making and maximum business performance with our strategies, roadmaps, workshops, coaching, and assessments.

Cloud Computing

Data Engineering, Modeling and Machine Learning

Creating a data science-driven strategy provides your business a big boost, but not if you have to spend a lot of time doing it. Olilo will also handle your predictive models through our expertise to give you the insights you want without having to get a degree in data science. Our data scientist also develops statistical and/or machine learning models to deliver predictive, prescriptive, and optimized results which helps our customers to compete in the marketplace.

Our team of experts at Olilo, engineer and process client’s data and prepare it for analysis and monitoring continual performance. We help clients to move to cloud or on premise, or whether it is moving from on premise to the cloud, we help them in all their requirement. our data engineers can design, develop, test and move into production the data pipelines you require.

Visualization and Dissemination

Effective visualization and fast dissemination of modeling results helps in analytics-driven culture. The correct audience need to see the correct data at the perfect time to settle on a correct choice for the business. At Olilo, we believe that visualization is an integral part of any data analytics, as it lets users to instantly spot trends, track goal achievement, easily identify outliers and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, etc. We adapt visualization solutions so that they answer the business questions of a customer.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

Analytics Infrastructure

A robust analytics infrastructure is essential for competing on analytics. We provide the knowledge and the know-how to help clients implement, maintain, and modernize their analytics platforms.

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